Many of my followers are aware that Affairs with Flair, event planners, showcase their daily activities on Instagram. Fortunately, we connected with a wonderful lady named Rima. She reached out to us via Instagram, explaining that she and her husband were organizing a 50th-anniversary party for her in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Manmohan Singh. Rima graciously invited us to her home for our initial meeting, and meeting them was an absolute pleasure.

The Singhs were warm, hospitable, and friendly. They revealed that, although the parents were aware of the party, the details remained a surprise. After a brief introduction to the parents, they excused themselves to allow us to discuss the event specifics. Venue discussions ensued, and collectively, we agreed that their home would be the best and most comfortable location. We captured videos of the backyard and various areas of the house.

The couple expressed their desire for a tent in the backyard with dinner tables, live entertainment, a backdrop, tablecloths, centerpieces, decorative cushions, pillows, and caterer recommendations. We assured them that we could fulfill all their requirements. Over the following weeks, we stayed in touch daily, fine-tuning the details. We collaborated on backdrop colors, swiftly selected a caterer (Diya Bistro), and arranged a tasting for Rima and Sunny. The menu and DJ (DJ Shivish) were decided upon, and signature cocktails were created, communicated to the DJ, and beautifully drink signs were created.

Research led us to entertainment options, with Soumiya chosen to play the sitar, accompanied by a tabla player. We introduced the clients to Sarosh Mir, a talented photographer who joined the team. As the event date approached, interactions with the clients remained pleasant. On the day itself, we arrived early to set up the backdrop, tables, centerpieces, cushions, and pillows. The event unfolded seamlessly, with all guests enjoying themselves, and, most importantly, Mr. and Mrs. Manmohan Singh relishing the night surrounded by loved ones.

Rima and Sunny proved to be ideal clients, and I am confident that our professional and personal relationship will endure.